Common Residential Electrical Myths Debunked

With warmer seasons on the horizon, we know that often means higher electrical bills. Not all the things you hear about saving money on your bill is true. We’re here to debunk some residential electrical myths so you have all the facts on what can and can’t save you money!

Myth: Ceiling Fans Cool the Room

They don’t make the room feel cooler – they just make you feel cooler. We’re not saying fans are a bad thing; in fact, if using them causes you to run the AC less, they will save you money. But there is no reason to run a fan in a room if you’re not in it – you’re just wasting money.

Turn the fan on when you walk in the room and off when you leave. You’ll feel just as comfortable and save money by not running it when you’re gone.

Myth: Setting the Thermostat Lower Cools the House Faster

If you keep your AC off while you’re gone during the day, you’re probably walking into a hot box when you get home. It’s natural to bang on the thermostat until the temp reads 60 and then sit back and wait for the cool air to come. It’s going to cool down just as quickly if you just set the thermostat to the temperature you actually want.

Setting it to a comfortable temperature eliminates the chance you’ll forget to turn it off once it starts to get too cold. You’ll save money in the long run by not overreacting on your thermostat.

Myth: When Electronics Are Off, They Stop Using Energy

This should be true, but it’s not. Electronics such as your TV, DVD player, coffee pot, and phone chargers all use energy even when they’re not in use. It’s called “vampire energy,” and it’s always being used. This happens because very few electronics actually have an “off” capability – they’re simply in standby mode. We know it’s a hassle to unplug everything when you go to bed or leave the house, so we recommend putting these cords on a power strip you can just switch off and on.

Myth: Small Space Heaters Are Better Than the Thermostat

We get the logic here. If you’re only staying in one or two rooms of a larger house, why heat the whole thing when one or two space heaters will do the trick? Because those space heaters have a heating element that needs electricity to throw heat, they actually use quite a bit of power. You’ll see in increase in your electrical bill if this is your go-to way of staying warm. We suggest setting the thermostat to moderate temperature and throwing on a sweater – you’ll save money.

Space heaters, especially older models, are notorious fire hazards, too. Only use these if your heat goes out and you’re without another option. Never leave them unattended and always unplug them when you go to bed or leave the house.

Save Money Long-Term

If you think you’re spending too much on your electric bill, give us a call, and we can check your home for trouble spots. We’re well-versed in all the latest technology and know what will and won’t make a difference in your monthly bill. We offer a full menu of residential electrical services. At Ewing Electric, there is no job too big or too small for us. Whatever your concern, we’ll show up on time, with a positive attitude and all the knowledge it takes to get the job done right.

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