Dock Electrical Services in Charlotte, NC

Dock Electrical Services in Charlotte, NCDock electrical systems are unusual areas for electricians. At Ewing Electric Company, we are ready to work on all of your dock needs, such as lighting and boat charging stations. If you have a boat and want your dock to be well-equipped, give us a call at (704) 804-3320 to learn about the electrical dock services we can provide.  

To park a boat safely and keep it charged, lights, transformers, breakers, and fuses must be in good working order. Working on electrical devices can be challenging, and performing electrical services near water is even more delicate and dangerous. Our skilled electricians can install, maintain, repair, and care for a dock electrical system. If any of your equipment is malfunctioning, reach out to Ewing Electric for a dock electrician in the Charlotte, NC area. We will get our experts to you as soon as possible.

Dock Electrician Charlotte, NC

If you need a local electrician for dock power and lights, we are here to help. Our services are completed promptly by highly trained, experienced electricians. Our experts will make your new lighting look better and last longer. We can wire and install boat lifts, sea wall and beach lighting, and pier panels. We can also help maintain your dock and add accent lighting to ensure effectiveness for many years.

LED Dock Lighting

LED lighting adds security and beauty to a residential or commercial dock or pier. We can highlight important dock features and hide unattractive details. We will make sure that our dock lighting design is safe and secure. Having marine dock lights deters criminal activity and lets you and your guests navigate the area safely.  

Our dock electrician near you can install LED lights, which use less electricity. These will last longer than traditional bulbs and will see money and energy. We can install many different commercial and residential dock lighting systems, depending on what you want for your property. Our pier electrician can provide lighting design services, so your dock is tastefully lit and has a proper amount of light for navigating.  

Pier Power and Lights

If you are looking for a dock electrician in Charlotte, NC, for outdoor dock power and lights, Ewing Electric Co. is the company to call. We install and repair services for all pier power and lighting systems, including pier pedestals, light fixtures, and weatherproof outlets. We can safely install the correct amount of electricity to your pier. When installed on piers, we conceal conduit and wire if possible. We use exterior and marine-grade electrical products to ensure a long life for your dock and pier.  

Dock and Pier Troubleshooting

If your lights flicker or burn out quickly, let our dock electrician in Charlotte, NC, come out to help. Breakers that continually trip or non-functioning outlets signal that an electrician needs to come out to service the area. Troubleshooting dock electrical issues are not something that owners should do themselves. If they don’t understand dock electrician issues, they could cause long periods without power, extra repair costs, and even injury. We can ensure the pier and dock systems are safe, to code, and meet all of the necessary electrical needs.  

Dock Electrical Safety Tips

There are responsibilities and upkeep that come with having a dock. One helpful tip is to set up a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). A GFCI is a circuit breaker that shuts down electricity when there is an anomaly in the current. They are essential for docks as a precautionary measure. According to law, docks must have fast-acting circuit breakers. If there is an electrical problem in the equipment or wiring, the GFCI will counter within 1/40 of a second to ensure everyone’s safety.

Bonding jumpers are conductors that prevent interruption in the electricity flow. In a dock, bonding jumpers connect the metallic parts to a ground rod placed on the shore. It provides proper ground and allows the electrical charges from the dock to signal the GFCI to turn off the power supply. Bonding jumpers may look simple, but they should be installed by a trained electrician.

After professional inspections, owners must keep docks as safe as possible. The electrical components in the dock will weather because they have constant exposure to friction, water, and heat. Accidents will still happen if these components reach their breaking points. Hiring a professional electrician to inspect a dock’s entire electric system can avoid these dangerous accidents.

Choosing a Dock Electrician

Before hiring an electrician, be sure they meet industry standards. Ewing Electric Co. is an established business that has served the Charlotte area for years. Call us today at (704) 804-3320 for top-rated electrical services for your dock and pier electrical needs.