Electrical Installation Service in Charlotte, NC

Get 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Your Electrical Instalation Services

Ewing Electric Co. brings quality Charlotte NC electrical installation services throughout Charlotte and neighboring areas of Southpark, Ballantyne, Dilworth, and Steele Creek. When your home gets the right electrical installations from top-notch professionals, it can make it easy to enjoy the comforts of modern-day technology with ease. Proper installation performed by our certified residential electricians can give you the services and fixtures you need, all while keeping your home safe and efficient.

With our electrical installations near you, you’ll have a local area electrician you can depend on with all of your home’s electrical installation needs. No matter how large or small, we’re the team with the knowledge and tools to do the job right. Quality service from friendly electricians is what Ewing Electric Co. is all about. Delivering the highest quality of electrical installations in Charlotte, NC.

If you need professional electrical installations near Charlotte, NC, give us a call today and schedule your installation service with one of our qualified electricians!

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Charlotte Electrical Installation Services

Why Choose Our Charlotte, NC Electricians for Installations

  • Over 9 years of experience
  • Our solutions are cost-effective and tailor-made to suit your budget needs.
  • Our 5-star ratings testify to the great service we offer to residents in Charlotte, NC.
  • All our electricians are fully licensed, insured, and drug-tested.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with our work in your home, we will return for a follow-up repair to make it right or provide a refund.
  • We always follow local codes and keep up with regulation changes to ensure your and your family’s safety.
  • Ewing Electric Co. is fully licensed (NC Electrical License L-28166) and insured

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Same-Day Electrical Installation Service in Charlotte, NC

We know how much you rely on and use your Charlotte home electrical installations. That’s why we undergo constant training always to deliver the most up-to-date and efficient services. We believe that with our quality of workmanship and friendly service, we’ll be your go-to electrical company for all your electrical needs.

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General Electrical Installations in Charlotte, NC

Wiring Installation 

When you need reliable wiring contractors nearby, look no further than Ewing Electric Co. Our skilled electricians provide comprehensive wiring and rewiring solutions for residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re remodeling, adding new rooms, or updating outdated wiring, our team delivers meticulous craftsmanship and dependable service.

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Dedicated Circuit Installation Service

We provide guaranteed dedicated circuit installation service in Charlotte, NC. Dedicated circuits prevent overload and ensure consistent power supply for high-demand devices like refrigerators, HVAC systems, and home offices. Our experienced electricians tailor installations to your specific needs for safety and high-performance.

Call 704-804-3320  for dedicated circuit installation in Charlotte, NC.

Outlets & Switches Installation

From new construction to remodels and replacements, we handle outlet and switch installations in Charlotte, NC. After our outlet installation service, you’ll have the electrical power you need where you need it. 

Don’t wait to speak with a dependable switch installation contractor if you don’t get power when plug in your phone or flip the light switch.

Call 704-804-3320 for outlet and switch installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Ceiling Fans Installation

With our Charlotte ceiling fan installations, we can move your air quickly, bringing you the quality cooling you need to beat the heat. A new ceiling fan can help circulate the air in any room in your home, helping maintain a comfortable environment for relaxation. 

Call 704-804-3320 for ceiling fan installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Lighting Installation

With our professional lighting installation service in Charlotte, NC, we can light your home or change up your lighting style to fit your personal needs. Our electrical installations cover everything from recessed lighting to spotlights.

Call 704-804-3320 for lighting installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Electrical Panels Installation

With the right electrical panel installation companies, your Charlotte home can remain safe and efficient while delivering the power you need throughout. As a critical part of your home’s overall electrical system, our qualified electricians understand the importance of having a reliable and properly installed electrical panel. 

Call 704-804-3320 for electrical panel installation service in Charlotte, NC.

EV Charger Installation 

As one of the leading EV charger installation companies in Charlotte, NC, Ewing Electric Co. is committed to supporting sustainable transportation solutions. Our certified electricians specialize in installing electric vehicle chargers at homes and businesses. Whether you’re switching to electric or expanding your charging capabilities, trust us for professional installations that meet your needs.

Call 704-804-3320  for EV charger installation in Charlotte, NC.

Meter Bases Installation

We specialize in meter-base installations so your Charlotte, NC home’s electrical meter remains safe and secure from accidental damage. Your electrical meter is the access point for your home’s power. It is how your home’s panel gets its power from the electrical company. 

Call 704-804-3320 for meter base installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Electrical Mast Installation

For reliable electrical mast installations in Charlotte, NC, trust Ewing Electric Co. The electrical mast connects your home to the utility grid for proper electrical distribution. Our electrical mast installers ensure secure installations that comply with safety regulations and match your property’s electrical system.

Call 704-804-3320  for electrical mast installation in Charlotte, NC.

Exhaust Fans Installation

We offer certified exhaust fan installations in Charlotte that you can count on to keep your home as comfortable and refreshing as possible. An exhaust fan helps keep your home fresh by minimizing particles, smoke, and other unpleasant airborne particles. 

Call 704-804-3320 for an exhaust fan installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Generators Installation

Whether it’s powering tools or a backup in case of a power outage or emergency, we help Charlotte homes get the generator installations they need. Our whole house generator installers handle both portable and standby generators for homes in the area. Leaving you with a reliable source of power for whenever Mother Nature strikes or you suffer from a power outage in your area.

Call 704-804-3320 for generator installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Surge Protection Installation

Get your home and devices covered from lightning strikes or sudden surges by our whole surge protection installers in Charlotte, NC. Surge protectors are a highly popular installed electrical service that can help keep you and your home’s electrical systems safe from sudden power surges. 

Call 704-804-3320 for surge protector installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Installation

We offer carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector installation nearby. Thanks to our experienced residential electricians, you can have peace of mind when we install your home’s carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These systems can be a lifesaver, alerting you when there’s a potential risk to your safety or home.

Call 704-804-3320 for smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation service in Charlotte, NC.

Smart Home Installation Contractors

Look no further for smart home installation contractors in Charlotte, NC. From automated lighting and smart thermostats to integrated security systems, our professionals specialize in seamless installations that enhance convenience and efficiency. Whether you’re upgrading your current home or building new, trust our certified electricians to bring your smart home vision to life.

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Charlotte Electrical Installation Services 

Our Electrical Installation Process in Charlotte, NC

Our electrical installation service follows a detailed process to ensure seamless execution. 

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin by understanding your requirements and assessing the project scope.
  2. Design Planning: Our electricians design the electrical wiring layout, considering safety standards and efficiency. We source durable materials for the electrical work, ensuring reliability.
  3. Preparation: Before commencing the installation, we prepare the site and ensure all safety measures are in place.
  4. Installation: Our skilled technicians carry out the electrical installation service with precision and expertise, adhering to local regulations.
  5. Connection: Once the wiring is in place, we connect the electrical components, ensuring seamless integration with power systems.
  6. Testing: Rigorous testing is conducted to validate the integrity of the installation and ensure optimal functionality.
  7. Final Inspection: We thoroughly inspect to verify compliance with standards and regulations.
  8. Residential Installations: We cater to specific needs for residential projects, delivering crafted installations that prioritize safety and efficiency.
  9. Exterior Lighting: Our services extend to exterior lighting installations, enhancing aesthetics and security around your property.
  10. Power Meter Installation: We install and calibrate power meters for accurate energy monitoring if required.
  11. Project Completion: Upon successful completion, we provide comprehensive documentation and guidance for future maintenance.

Contact us today for reliable electrical services tailored to your needs to discuss your project requirements.

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Electrical Installations in Charlotte, NC You Can Count On

Ewing Electric Co. Offers Licensed Electrical Installers

At Ewing Electric Co., we’re here to provide you with the highest-quality electrical installations in Charlotte, NC, so you can comfortably relax in a well-powered, safe, and modern home. Our expert service and highly skilled electricians always prioritize your satisfaction and safety, giving you professional results you can count on.

So the next time you need professional electrical installation in Charlotte, NC, contact your local area experts at Ewing Electric Co. for all your home’s electrical installation and service needs. We serve all of Charlotte, including the Dilworth, Southpark, Steele Creek, and Ballantyne neighborhoods. 

Call 704-804-3320 for electrical installation service in Charlotte, NC.


What does electrical installation include?

Electrical installation includes setting up wiring, fixtures, and components to ensure safe and efficient power distribution. It covers everything from residential installations to commercial projects, including electrical wiring, connecting power systems, installing fixtures, and adhering to safety regulations.

What should I expect during electrical wiring in my home?

During electrical wiring with Ewing Electric Co., expect a thorough assessment, layout planning, efficient installation, minimal disruption, clear communication, and comprehensive testing for safety and functionality.

Can I install an electrical outlet myself?

While it is possible to install an electrical outlet yourself, we strongly recommend hiring a licensed electrician. Professional installation ensures compliance with electrical codes, proper wiring for safety, and prevents potential hazards like electrical fires or shock. Our certified electricians at Ewing Electric Co. have the expertise to install outlets safely and efficiently, ensuring your home’s electrical system operates reliably.

Do I need an electrician to change a light switch?

You need to hire a qualified electrician to change a light switch. Even though it may seem straightforward, incorrect installation can lead to electrical issues or safety hazards. Our electricians at Ewing Electric Co. have the knowledge to handle wiring correctly, ensuring your new switch functions safely and reliably.