Light Switch Repair And Installation – Charlotte, NC

A light switch is all that stands today between a dark room and a brightly lit room. For all that we take electric lighting for granted, it’s only been common in American homes for a little more than a century. When you flip a light switch and nothing happens, that’s when you realize how dependent we are on electric lighting. It is lighting that allows us to keep safe and do our activities in the home better.

Americans use electricity, in some form or another, every day. Electrical lighting is becoming safer and easier to use, with all the advances in technology. A professional electrician can help update your home to the latest technologies or simply repair the devices already used in the home.

Light Switch Repair and Installation

If you need repair and installation of the light switch, your nearest electrician is just a call or click away. There are many types of light switches to choose from, and they can help you pick just the right one to suit your family’s needs. Nowadays there are a lot of different types of switches, including push-button, dimmer, toggle, motion-activated, selector, sound-activated, photo-electric and smart switches.

A light switch can complement the design and functionality of a room. There are homeowners that just go for the one that is the cheapest while there are some that are interested in having the latest lighting technology. A professional electrician can easily install the light switches you choose and repair them when something goes wrong.

Toggle Switches

The most common and basic switch today is a simple toggle switch. Their toggle is flipped up and down to turn on and off the lights. They can even have labels on them so that the user will know the right direction. They are the lowest priced switches around, and electricians always have a stock of them.

Push-Button Switches

When it comes to switches, these are the second most popular and are usually kept on hand by most electricians, as they are cost-effective. To switch the light off or on, the user must simply push the bottom and top of the switch. Such switches sometimes remain hidden and other models will bounce back after being pushed.

Lots of homes have a push-button switch in the bathroom even if not in other rooms, as one side of the double switch can power a fan while the other side powers the light. These switches are easily installed and are available in several different colors.

Dimmer Switches

There are a number of reasons why homeowners might choose to have certain light fixtures on dimmer switches. A dimmer switch can help set the lights to a reasonable brightness if absolutely bright lighting is not required. Dimmer switches can be available in round knob or slide switch models and a technician can easily install them.

The dimming function depends on the bulbs and the kind of dimmer that is used with it. That is why it is highly important to ask regarding the brightness levels that a dimmer can provide.

Motion-Activated Switches

Some spaces, such as in a garage or on a porch, can benefit from motion-activated switches. Even the rooms whose location of switches are at a great distance from the door can get benefits from lighting technology that is motion-activated. A sensor on these switches is used for the detection of someone who enters the room.

If you remain still after entering a room with lights that are activated by motion sensors, they could turn off by themselves and leave you sitting in the dark. Motion-activated switches are very convenient in some parts of your home, but perhaps are not your choice for every room.

Sound-Activated Switches

A sound-activated switch famously popularized by “The Clapper”, can be very helpful for family members with limited mobility. A person who has trouble getting up and moving around can turn a light on or off by making a noise, like clapping. These switches can be installed anyplace in the house and are simple to install with an electrician’s help.

Selector Switches

A selector switch has multiple settings on it that control the various functions of the light, corresponding to the setting selected. The user must toggle the switch from one setting to the next, normally in a circular pattern.

Selector switches may offer only two choices or several different settings. This is particularly helpful with color-changing lights, where there are often multiple options. These aren’t really that common in a home, but can be practical for a variety of activities or hobbies.

Photo-Electric Switches

Photo-electric switches activate the lights when darkness is detected. You can often find these switches on patios and in lamp-posts. While they may not be suitable for all areas of your home, they are fairly easy to install.

Smart Switches

One of the latest in switch technology is smart switches that can give you different capabilities. Some of these smart switches are able to connect to already present lights and fixtures. Other kinds of them, however, will function best when paired with smart devices too.

Smart lights have settings for different colors and the level of brightness. Brightness of lights can be set between 1% to 100% and the user can also set its timetable for automatic turn on and off. Smart lights and their corresponding switches can be easily integrated into a home and are fairly simple to install.

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