Electrician & Electrical Services in Concord, NC

Electrician & Electrical Services in Concord, NC


If you need trusted electrical services in Concord, NC, call the experts at Ewing Electric Co. We provide expert residential electrical services including, installations, repairs, inspections, and more. Call us today for more information or to schedule service at (704) 804-3320.  

Electrical Installations 

Are you building a new home? Or perhaps you have been living in the same house for 20 years or more? Electrical systems in your home must be installed and repaired by a qualified electrician to ensure that your home is safe. Whatever your situation may be, your electrical installation or replacement needs can be taken care of by our top-rated electricians. We provide professional services for all kinds of homeowners. 

Whole Home Surge Protectors 

Power surges can happen at any time and damage your electrical appliances. Having a whole home surge protector installed in your home can prevent this from happening. Call us for more information on protecting your appliances, and electrical systems in your home. 

Indoor Lighting 

Indoor lighting can be used to create an ambiance to set a mood, highlight an art piece or feature, or serve a more practical purpose in your home. The type of lighting you install in your home will depend on your individual needs. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Since we don’t spend as much time outside as we do inside, our outdoor lighting needs may differ. Ewing Electric Co. provides everything from motion sensor lighting installations for security to walkway lighting for garden paths. Call us to discuss your lighting needs. 

Ceiling Fan

If you want to keep energy consumption low, while maintaining a cool temperature in your home, then a ceiling fan will be a great addition to your home. We install ceiling fans and all types of fixtures that can make your home a more comfortable place. 

Electrical Repairs 

Hiring a professional repairman for electrical repairs can save you money on unnecessary replacements, and make your home a safe environment. 


Sparking outlets are dangerous, and often lead to tripped breakers. Don’t ignore these signs. Contact us now for outlet repairs.


It can be frustrating when our light and outlet switches don’t work. A qualified electrician can provide a solution so your home can run smoothly.

Electrical Inspections 

An electrical inspection is necessary not only to keep your home safe but can save you money by discovering potential electrical failures before they happen. Make sure you always use a qualified and licensed electrician for electrical inspections. 

Electrical Troubleshooting 

Troubleshooting is a great method to find the source of your electrical problem. Our team of specialists will work quickly and effectively to locate the electrical issue in your home. 

Electrical Wiring 

Incorrectly wired homes are electrical wiring waiting to happen. Depend on Ewing Electric Co. to wire your home safely. 

Emergency Electrical services in Concord, NC 

Having an electrical emergency is no joke. Ewing Electric Co. proudly provides emergency service for those times that you are caught off guard with electrical hazards.

Electrical Panel 

An electrical panel is responsible for distributing electricity throughout your home. An electrical panel that is not working properly is a safety violation, as well as a major inconvenience. 

Panel Upgrades 

Upgrading your electrical panel can have many benefits. While it may lower your energy usage, it can also better support your home’s demand for power. 

Panel Repairs 

A fully functioning electrical panel can keep your home safe. Replacing an electrical panel may not always be the most cost-effective option. Consider having your damaged panel repaired before you schedule a replacement. Don’t let a damaged panel ruin your day. Call us for fast and effective electrical panel repairs.

EV Charger Installation 

Having an electric vehicle is a great way to lower your carbon footprint, as well as save money on ever-climbing fuel rates. Speak to one of our electricians near you for advice on the right electric car charger installation. 

Service Upgrades 

To keep up with the demands of your electricity needs, consider a service upgrade in your home. Our electricians can ensure that this upgrade goes smoothly.

Electric Meter Services 

An electric meter can help you monitor the energy consumption of your home. Give us a call for an electric meter installation now. 

Service Mast 

Make sure your service mast is installed correctly by hiring a licensed electrician in Concord, NC. Trust us to ensure your safety. 

Reliable Electrical Services in Concord, NC 

For all your commercial and residential electrical needs, contact Ewing Electric Co.. We are qualified and trained to service not only your electrical system but also all commercial electrical systems. Call us today at (704) 804-3320 to schedule an appointment.