Electrician & Electrical Services in Huntersville, NC

Electrical Services in Huntersville, NCYour home should be your comfort zone. A place for you and your family to feel safe. By hiring a professional electrician in Huntersville, NC, you can make sure that your electrical system is taken care of. Call Ewing Electric Co if you need a local electrical contractor. 

Electrical Installations in Huntersville

Whether you are new to owning a home or have been a homeowner for many years, you’ll likely understand the importance of a safe electrical installation. We offer residential electrical installations of all kinds. Contact us for more information. 

Whole Home Surge Protectors 

A whole home surge protector can help keep your electrical systems and expensive appliances safe from power surges. Hire a licensed electrician to install one in your home today. 

Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting 

The right lighting can change the aesthetics inside your home in a positive way and make everyday activities easier to do. Good outdoor lighting, on the other hand, can lower the risk of burglaries and light up walkways, and feature garden areas. Get the right advice on indoor and outdoor lighting for your home with Ewing Electric Co. 

Ceiling Fan 

Ceiling fans are a great way to save energy and still keep your home cool in summer. A ceiling fan is also relatively quick to install. Our electricians can have your fan up and running in no time. 

Electrical Repair in Huntersville

Repairing electrical components in your home can keep your home safe and functioning as it should. Call on Ewing Electric Co, a electrician near you for all your electrical repairs

Outlets and Switches 

Electrical outlets and switches need to work together to make sure that electricity is transferred to appliances and lighting fixtures in your home. You may not give these components their due, but if an outlet or a switch is not working correctly, your home will not be safe, nor will it function properly. All your switches and outlets need repairs once in a while to keep them working. Make sure you call an electrical repairman to take care of your switch and outlet repairs. 

Electrical Inspections 

When you have a qualified electrician conduct an electrical inspection, you eliminate possible issues due to damaged components and prevent further damage to your electrical system. We provide electrical services. Call us now for an inspection. 

Electrical Troubleshooting 

Electrical troubleshooting is an effective method that is used by top-rated electricians to locate the source of electrical faults in your home. Once the fault is found, repairs or replacements are done to fix the electrical issue.  

Electrical Wiring 

Electrical wiring in a home can be a complex task to complete successfully. Always use a professional electrician to handle the electrical wiring in your home. Call Ewing Electric Co now. 

Emergency Electrical Services in Huntersville, NC 

Unfortunately, at some time or another, your electrical system will fail you. Calling the right electrician near Huntersville will help keep your home safe. 

Electrical Panel 

An electrical panel is where your power distribution takes place. Make sure your electrical panel is up to date and can handle the demand your home puts on it. 

Panel Upgrades 

If your circuit breakers keep tripping, your electrical panel may not be able to keep up with the amount of power needed in your home. In this case, you will need panel upgrades.  

Panel Repairs 

A burning smell coming from your electrical panel, or a hot panel may be a sign that you need repairs. Call a residential electrician near you to take care of all your panel repairs properly and keep your home safe. 

EV Charger Installation 

With our ever-rising fuel costs and constant need to commute, an electric car is a step forward. Ask one of our specialists for advice on the right EV charger for your vehicle. 

Service Upgrades 

Service upgrades offer many benefits for you and your home. You can have a full electrical service upgrade in your home and experience the convenience. 

Electric Meter Services 

Electric meters can accurately tell you how much electricity is being used in your home or place of business. Call Ewing Electric Co for an electric meter upgrade. 

Service Mast 

Upgrading an electrical service mast can be a complex job. Make sure you hire the best in the business to ensure your home is in safe hands, and you and your family can have peace of mind. 

Call Ewing Electric for Reliable Electrical Services in Huntersville, NC

The well-being of your business, the productivity of your employees, and the comfort of your customers all depend on an effective and efficient electrical system. Ewing Electric Co offers commercial electrical services in Huntersville, NC. Contact us now for all your electrical needs.