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Safe and functional electricity is essential for most activities in your home, from preparing a meal and watching a movie, to having a hot shower and opening your laptop to work. Ewing Electric Co. is a local residential electrician in Charlotte, NC, providing all types of electrical solutions for your home.

Electrical Repairs 

Electrical repairs are important to keep your home safe from damaging appliances, as well as fire and electrocution. Contact us for a reliable and top-quality repairman for your electrical needs. 


Our trained electricians can repair any type of outlet you may have. GFCI, AFCI, USB, and smart outlets are just some of the outlets we can restore to working order. 


Flicking switches with no results? Trust us to change that. We will repair your switches in no time!

Electrical Installations 

If you are searching for a residential electrician near you for additional or new electrical installations, let Ewing Electric Co. be your first choice. We specialize in a variety of services for your home. 

Whole Home Surge Protectors 

Unfortunately, power surges happen unexpectedly and can be a real danger to appliances and electrical systems in your home. Keep your electronics safe with a whole home surge protector

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting 

Lighting is essential in your home for many reasons, from lighting your rooms inside your home for day-to-day tasks, to having motion sensor lights outside your home for security purposes. Contact us to speak to a professional and licensed electrical contractor about cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting. 

Fans and fixtures 

A good quality ceiling fan can cool your home down effectively on a hot summer’s day while using minimal energy. Don’t sweat it. Leave your ceiling fan installation to the experts at Ewing Electric Co.. 

Electrical Panel 

The heart of electrical distribution in your home is your electrical panel. A panel can give you 20 good years of service. However, if your electrical panel has reached the end of its lifespan, you need a new electrical panel installation. 

Panel Upgrades 

When considering a new electrical panel, it is best to make an informed decision on what your electrical panel must be capable of. An upgraded panel can lower energy usage, increase safety, and have an increased electrical capacity.

Panel Repairs

We put a lot of pressure on our electrical panel. We often forget that our panel needs repairs. When taking care of electrical panel repairs, hire only a professional electrician to ensure your home is safe from hazards. 

Electrical Inspections 

An electrical inspection requires a professional residential electrician service in Charlotte. Our experts are fully licensed and highly qualified for the benefit of your home’s electrical system. 

Electrical Troubleshooting 

Often, we experience electrical issues in our homes. However, we can’t always know the source of the problem. If your electrical system fails you, our team of electricians will use troubleshooting to locate the problem and repair or replace the appropriate components. 

Electrical Wiring 

We need wiring to get electricity to appliances and lighting. If your home’s wiring is outdated or incorrectly installed, your home could be at risk of fire or electrocution. Contact a residential electrician near Charlotte for safe and effective electrical wiring

Emergency Electrical Services

We all fall victim to our electrical system failing us at one time or another. A burning smell or breakers constantly tripping can be dangerous and requires immediate attention. Ewing Electric Co. offers a 24-hour emergency electrical service in Charlotte and surrounding areas. 

EV Charger Installation 

Getting the right electric vehicle charger installed in your home depends on your driving patterns. Call us for expert advice on what type of EV charger will suit your personal needs. We will ensure that it is installed correctly, so you can get the most out of it.

Service Upgrades 

An electrical service upgrade could be what your home needs to be more energy-efficient and perform better. Rely on us for a professional service upgrade for the benefit of your home and family. 

Electric Meter Services 

Installing a new electrical meter can help you monitor your energy usage and lower your consumption. Call us for more information on our electric meter services. 

Service Mast 

A service mast is essential for the protection of service entrance conductors. These large conductors transfer power from an exterior power supply to your home’s electrical system. 

Commercial Electrician Services 

Commercial electrical installations and repairs require a specialized set of skills. Make sure you put the well-being of your businesses in the hands of a professional company. 

Reliable Electrician Services in Charlotte, NC

For all your electrical needs in your home, make Ewing Electric Co. your first choice. We won’t leave you disappointed.