Whole House Generator Installation in Charlotte, NCWhole House Generator Installation in Charlotte, NC

Electricity is an essential part of our lives. Not only does it power our TVs and gaming consoles, but it also provides us with warmth, food, and light. When we don’t have it, we realize how much we need it. 

You can have access to electricity 24/7 with our reliable whole-home generator installations. Contact Ewing Electric Co. for a whole-home generator installation in Charlotte, NC.

Power Outages

At times, bad weather can cause damage to infrastructure, leaving us without electricity for a few days. This is unavoidable but it is an inconvenience. Living without electricity for a few days is not as simple as it seems. Our fridges defrost and our food goes bad. It costs a lot of money to replace this food. We may lose out on business if our computers and laptops aren’t functional. You can lose touch with family members and friends if you can’t charge your devices. If you have medical equipment that relies on electricity, power outages can be serious. 

Don’t let blackouts rob you of your necessities. Stay on top of things with a whole-home generator installation near you. 

Whole-Home Generator Installation Services in Charlotte, NC.

A whole-home generator will be on standby when you need it. It will automatically turn on and provide you with electricity when your home’s primary power goes out. During a blackout, your whole-home generator will become your main source of electricity until you have power again. 

We can install your whole-home generator in a waterproof box outside of your house to eliminate the loud noise commonly associated with generators. In this way, you can have a fully powered house without the inconvenience of a loud engine. 

When we install your whole-home generator, we connect a control panel to your breaker box so that it can detect a power outage as soon as it happens.

Give Ewing Electric Co. a call to discuss your whole-home generator installation service today! We will make sure that you have the perfect standby generator for your family’s needs. 

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator Installation

Most homeowners won’t consider a generator to be a necessity, but we are here to tell you why it is a necessity. Whole-home generators are not only for high-income earners; you can have your own generator at an affordable price with Ewing Electric Co. 

Avoid Dark Days

Many dangers come with not having proper lighting during a blackout. It lowers the security of your home since it makes it easier for burglars to target a dark property. It can also be frustrating and bad for your eyes to use torches for reading and studying. Candles may be a fire hazard if you fall asleep with them on or someone bumps them over. Candles are fun to use but they may not be practical for a power outage. A whole-home generator will ensure that your lights stay on when you need them most. 

Essential Appliances

Many people buy food in bulk and store it in freezers and refrigerators. When you have a power outage for 3 days, this can be a problem. Naturally, your freezer and refrigerator will defrost, and your food will turn bad, wasting food and money. Not to mention that it is unhygienic to have rotten meat and vegetables in your home. It can attract pests like flies, maggots, and rats. This is an unpleasant situation that you can avoid by installing a generator.

In addition to losing your freezers and refrigerators, power outages also cause you to lose access to hot water and the HVAC system. This can make your home uncomfortable to live in and prevent you from doing daily chores. If a storm has knocked the power out in your area, the last thing you want is to sit in a cold, dark home. Keep your family’s morale boosted by calling us today!

Important Medical Devices

If someone in your home has a health condition that requires a special monitoring device or medical machine, it is vital to always have power running through your house. A whole-home generator will ensure that you have uninterrupted power for your family. 

Make Your Property More Valuable

Potential buyers will swoon over your whole-home generator should you decide to sell your house in the future. Installing a standby generator will increase the value of your property! 

Whole House Generator Installation Near You

Get the best value for money with our whole-home generators. You and your family can enjoy the convenience of having access to electricity even during power outages. Our technicians at Ewing Electric Co. will ensure that you know your options since there are different types of generators out there. We want the best for you and your family. 

Call an expert to install your whole-home generator to experience the full benefits of it. Avoid installing or repairing your generator by yourself. Trust a licensed electrician to handle the complicated system. They will make sure that it is connected properly and safely. Contact Ewing Electric Co. today – we can’t wait to hear from you! You can reach us online or call us at (704) 804-3320.