Electrical Troubleshooting in Charlotte, NC

When your electrical system is experiencing issues, it may be difficult to understand where they originate and how to fix them. DIY’s at home can be dangerous and costly if you make a mistake. Residential electrical troubleshooting is done by the professionals, making the process safer and getting the job done correctly the first time.

Are you searching for electrical troubleshooting in Charlotte, NC or its surrounding areas? Give the expert electricians at Ewing Electric Co. a call today. 

Electrical Services

At Ewing Electric Co., our electrical work is conducted with accuracy and a positive attitude. Our electricians are highly skilled by undergoing extensive apprenticeships and training. They are also background checked and drug-tested prior to employment to ensure we are delivering high quality and safe work to your home.

We can test your malfunctioning electrical system and help you understand how we can fix or replace it. Once we’re on the same page, we can move forward with any necessary upgrades. If you aren’t satisfied with our work the first time, we’ll return to fix any issues.  We honor all manufacturer warranties on all parts supplied by Ewing Electric Co and a two year warranty on labor.  Ask us about extended warranties for Club Members!

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is often the initial step in your project’s process. Our experienced electricians have the proper tools and technology to check a faulty circuit’s function and to make sure the problem will be properly handled and doesn’t come back. Once we’ve located the problem, we can suggest ways we can repair or replace its defective components.

Electrical Diagnosis

An electrical diagnosis is much more than our team simply explaining what’s wrong with your electrical panel or lights. In addition, we  show you which areas of your system are wasting the most money. Simple malfunctions can lead to extremely high monthly energy bills. We will deliver reliable parts that do their job and help keep costs as low as possible.

Electrical Panel Services

If your electrical panel is hot to the touch, making strange sounds, or has damaged wires, it may be time for an electrical panel replacement. Typically, electrical panels last anywhere from 20 to 40 years. However, your electrical system will function most efficiently if it is regularly maintained. Annual tune-ups ensure everything is running correctly and up to code.

Electrical Repair and Installation

Your electrical system works hard to power your home. However, sometimes an electrical overload or years of wear can make your once-efficient system break down. This may look like flickering lights or blown fuses. Our expert electrician team can offer you an electrical diagnostic of your system’s issues and help repair or replace its faulty parts. 

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are often outdated in homes built before 1999 because more efficient, safer options weren’t popular on the market yet. One of the outlets we offer are AFCI protected outlets, which increase safety.  We also provide GFCI outlets, which make running electricity in rooms around water safer and are required by NEC.

Professional Lighting Repair

We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting options to highlight the style of a room, increase its functionality, or improve safety and security around your home from falls, burglars and wild animals. In addition, we specialize in a wide array of options like specialty lights, ceiling fan lights, landscape lights, track lights, chandeliers, can lights,low voltage lights, and under cabinet lights.

Light Switch Repair and Installation

Along with our lighting services, we also offer light switch repair and installation. This can mean repairing your standard light switch or upgrading it to a dimmer switch system. Dimmer switches allow you to control how much light is distributed to each room. This can help conserve energy, set a certain mood in a room, or help family member’s with light sensitivity from migraines.

Electric Car Charging Station

Electric cars are exciting new technology and better for the environment, with lower emissions. However, after you buy one, finding a charging station can be difficult and inconvenient. To make things easier, we can install an EV charging station at your home. This may require updating your electrical panel so it can withstand the energy it takes to power the charger.

Commercial Electrical Services

In addition to repairs and residential electrical troubleshooting near you, we also offer commercial electrical services. These services include: interior and exterior lighting, LED lighting, wiring, ceiling fans, circuit breakers and fuses, electrical panels, switches and outlets, equipment repair and hook-ups, and surge protectors.

During your commercial electrical appointments, our experienced electricians can also suggest ways to keep your energy costs under budget. For commercial properties, it is also important to ensure that all electrical work, like lighting and cooling, is sufficient for your max capacity, up to code, and keeps all of your customers comfortable and safe.

Trust Ewing Electric Co. With Your Electrical Troubleshooting

The expert electrician team at Ewing Electric Co. have been offering repairs, installations and electrical troubleshooting near Charlotte, NC since 2015. We are a fully licensed and insured electrical company, offering both residential and commercial services. Our goal is to deliver long-lasting products and friendly service that keeps our customers coming back.

Are you looking for electrical troubleshooting near Charlotte, NC? Call our professionals today to book your appointment.