Electrical Wiring & Rewiring in Charlotte, NC

Electrical wiring and rewiring is one of the most critical aspects of electrical work. If it isn’t installed or repaired correctly, it can cause an electrical fire in your home. Professional wiring services ensure the job is done correctly and safely. At Ewing Electric Co., our contractors are experienced and put accurate, on-time work and friendly service at the forefront of all of their projects.

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Electrical Wiring & Rewiring Services You Can Depend On

We offer electrical wiring and rewiring services in Charlotte and its surrounding North Carolina areas. This includes both residential and commercial properties and both indoor and outdoor sections. In addition to Charlotte, some of our other North Carolina service areas include: Belmont, Concord, Cornelius, Huntersville, Indian Trail, and Matthews.

Electrical Repair Services

While electrical panels and wiring systems often last 20 to 40 years, over time regular wear on your system can cause components to break down. We can help you repair your electrical panel, replace fuses or circuit breakers, inspect your wiring for frayed wires or other damage, and repair your electrical meter.

Water is often the bane of your electrical system. If it gets into your electrical panel, it can rust or corrode its parts. At that point, your electrical system’s lifespan is less important because you will need a replacement soon. While it may seem counterintuitive, water causing corrosion leads to build-up in your circuit that causes extra heat in your system. This can lead to electrical fires.


If you currently have knob and tube wiring, it’s time to upgrade and rewire your electrical system. Knob and tube wiring is no longer recommended because it can be unsafe, and it can’t keep up with today’s modern technology needs.

For example, knob and tube wiring is not grounded. When your electricity is grounded, it directs stray voltage to the ground and away from your home. Leaving it without grounding is often unsafe because it increases your chance of electrocution, electrical fires and device damage. In addition, you can not insulate over the cables because the extra heat often causes fires.

Whole House Rewiring

Whole-home electrical rewiring is often a home improvement project that is pretty involved. However, seeking shortcuts and trying to do the work on your own can create code violations and put your family and home in danger. Our licensed electricians can help you complete the job correctly and pull the proper permits for your project to be approved by your town.

Knob and tube wiring definitely presents the need for whole house wiring. However, aluminum wiring is also not recommended in your system. It expands and contracts too fast, causing loose connections. It also oxidizes when it interacts with copper, leading to extra heat between the two, and becoming a high electrical fire risk. NM is the most common wiring in modern homes.

Pool & Spa Wiring

Copper wires are often used for wiring electricity to your pool pump. To change pool wiring, electricians must have a good understanding of how much voltage is flowing from your home and how to stay up to date on the electrical code. This should always be done by an expert because if done incorrectly, it can cause shock, electrocution, or void your pump’s warranty.

It’s often common to dedicate a whole circuit of your electrical panel to your pool setup, so it doesn’t overload your system. However, sometimes your pool set-up is still too powerful for your electrical system. If this is the case, we can help install a sub-panel to properly power your pool. Sub-panels are typically used for one larger amenity instead of multiple appliances.

Garage and Shed Rewiring

Circuit requirements and placements in garage rewiring depend on what you will need to plug in and how much power it’s going to use. While lighting is a fairly simple request, running power tools and multiple appliances may require a sub-panel, so it doesn’t overload your main electrical panel or cause surges.

Shed rewiring has different requirements than garage rewiring. It’s not recommended to run electrical lines from your home to a shed in the backyard. Instead, it is better for your electrician to run the lines underground. Electricians must look out for other utility lines underground while running their lines to make sure they aren’t disrupting other amenities in your home. 

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Installation

Our main priority is to keep our customers safe, during our projects and after we leave. Along with other wiring services, we offer smoke detector installation. Smoke detectors aren’t to be taken for granted. They are a valuable resource in your home that protects your family and home from dangerous house fires and smoke inhalation.

We also install carbon monoxide monitors, to detect and protect your family from deadly CO. Dryers, water heaters, and connected garages are often the amenities that trigger carbon monoxide issues. Furnaces, gas stoves and fireplaces are also common culprits. Prolonged exposure to CO in an enclosed space can cause heart problems, brain damage and death.

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