Landscape Lighting Installation in Charlotte, NC

Landscape Lighting Installation in Charlotte, NC

Your property looks different once the sun goes down. However, you may not be able to see its beauty unless you have landscape lighting. Our customers rave about our outdoor landscape lighting projects. With our help, you can extend your living space and enjoy your time outside more. We will help you with every phase of the project, from designing the lighting scheme to the installation. With a landscape lighting installation, you can enjoy the great outdoors even after the sun goes down. Call Ewing Electric today for help with this project.

Charlotte’s warm climate is ideal for entertaining outdoors. An evening with family and friends, however, is quickly ruined if someone gets hurt. Outdoor landscape lighting prevents accidents while highlighting the landscape. We install a wide range of lighting options, including security lighting and patio lighting.

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The Consultation

The first step of a landscape lighting installation project is the consultation. We sit down and discuss what your vision is for the property. Our goal is to turn this vision into reality. Whether you wish to highlight portions of the yard or boost the security lighting, our team has the skills and knowledge to complete the project.

Most people know they want walkway lights to ensure family members and guests can travel easily from the car to the home.

They don’t stop to think about other lighting options and how they can increase security and curb appeal. Our team offers suggestions for different garden lighting schemes and other lighting arrangements to help you find a plan perfect for your home.

The Cost of Outdoor Lighting

You may be concerned about the cost of landscape lighting installation. The benefits of this project far outweigh the costs. Keep this in mind when developing the landscape lighting plan. In addition, we offer options such as low-voltage landscape lighting to keep costs down.

The low-voltage landscape lighting comes with a lower risk of shock. In addition, the lights use less energy because they convert the 120-volt electrical supply to 12 volts. You may find this is the best option for your garden lighting or patio lighting, particularly if you have children who play in the yard.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

A landscape lighting installation project comes with several benefits. The following are a few of the benefits.

Improved Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting improves the curb appeal of the property. Enhance certain landscape features with the help of the lights and make the property appear more welcoming. What many people don’t realize is you can change the light color. Choose red, white, and blue lights for the Fourth of July. Green lights are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, while green and red are ideal for Christmas.

Better Security

Landscape lights illuminate the yard so people can move around the property freely. They also increase the security of the residence. Criminals look for easy targets. A well-lit property increases the odds of a criminal being caught. The lights encourage them to choose another property.

Increased Property Value

A landscape lighting installation increases the property value. Potential buyers appreciate knowing the lighting is already in place. They have less to do when they move into the home, as this task is complete. In fact, most home buyers today say outdoor lighting is an essential quality when looking for a new home.

Expanded Living Space

A well-lit yard increases the living space of the home. People will feel comfortable spending time outdoors. Use this space to entertain family and friends. Allow the kids to play outdoors after dark. Choose lights with a dimmer, put the kids to bed, and have a romantic evening outside with your spouse. These suggestions are only a few ways the landscape lighting will allow you to use this space more often.

Contact Ewing Electric for Your Landscape Lighting Installation

We are here to help with your landscape lighting needs. Contact us today at 704-804-3320 to discuss what you have in mind. With this information, we create a lighting plan that fulfills your requirements.

Our team wants you to be thrilled with the project when our work is complete. We work hard to create the perfect lighting plan and achieve this goal. When doing so, we keep your budget in mind. Our promise to our customers is that the project will finish on time and within budget.

Our employees undergo drug tests and background checks for your safety. We want you to feel comfortable when we are on your property. Let us know if you have questions or concerns. Our team is here to help. Call us today at (704) 804-3320.