Outdoor Lighting Installation in Charlotte, NC

Outdoor Lighting Installation in Charlotte, NC

Every home needs outdoor lighting for safety and security reasons. This outdoor lighting installation adds to the home’s value while tying the landscape elements together. Contact Ewing Electric if you need help creating an outdoor lighting plan that achieves these goals.

Transform your property with an outdoor lighting installation from Ewing Electric! Contact us today at 704-804-3320 to schedule your project and enhance the safety, security, and visual appeal of your home. Our professional team is ready to help with any outdoor lighting needs, from installation to repair.

Which Homes Need Outdoor Lighting?

Adequate lighting is needed to ensure you get full use of the property. With the correct outdoor lighting installation, spend time outdoors, even when the sun goes down. The outdoor house lighting lets you feel comfortable as you visit with friends or walk around the property. You will feel secure when doing so.

Our team will help find the right outdoor lighting fixtures for the property. These fixtures may include outdoor patio lighting, LED outdoor lighting, outdoor wall lighting, or other options. Once you choose the fixtures, we determine where to place them for optimal illumination. With our help, your outdoor house lighting keeps your property and family safe.

Outdoor Lighting Benefits

An outdoor lighting installation comes with benefits. What can you expect when you opt for outdoor security lighting?

Security Benefits

Many people request outdoor wall lighting or outdoor security lighting for security reasons. They benefit from the illumination, but the primary objective is to keep the property safe. Using outdoor lighting fixtures, we eliminate blind spots a person might use for nefarious purposes. Family members are also better able to see where they are walking, which reduces accidents.

Visual Appeal

LED outdoor lighting and outdoor deck lighting add to the property’s visual appeal. The same holds for other outdoor lighting fixtures. These fixtures may enhance the home’s architectural features while accenting the landscape. We help you choose outdoor patio lighting and outdoor security lighting to improve curb appeal.

Increased Living Space

With an outdoor lighting installation, you can spend additional time outdoors. This installation increases the home’s living space by making it easy to spend time outside after dark. Your children can get more exercise, and you can finish chores when it is convenient for you. You will no longer need to cram them in during daylight hours, thanks to the outdoor security lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Options

When we visit the home, we offer several outdoor lighting options. You may want outdoor patio lighting or outdoor deck lighting, but other options need consideration.

Landscape Lighting

We help you choose lights to illuminate driveways and walking paths. You will no longer need to fumble in the dark or walk hesitantly. We can light your path, regardless of where you go on the property. You may also use these lights to highlight a particular landscape area or to cast dramatic shadows. Our team will help you choose and place the lights strategically.

Patio Lights

Patio lights allow you to grill after dark or visit with friends. Entertaining takes less effort, allowing you to do it more often. Additionally, your children will enjoy playing outside after dark with the help of these lights.

Increased Security

Floodlights remain a popular option with homeowners, as they are effective. The bright spotlights cover large portions of the yard. Consider motion-activated lights to save on energy bills, and request an outdoor lighting repair if you have floodlights that no longer work.

Call Ewing Electric for Your Outdoor Lighting Installation

Our Ewing Electric technicians love to tackle outdoor lighting installation. We enjoy seeing your face when you witness the transformation in the yard. Contact us today, and we will schedule your project.

Scott Ewing and Alexis Arnold founded Ewing Electric Co. in 2015. They wish to establish a residential electrical business focused on the trade and the community. We recognize our customers and their role in our success. Without you, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

We prioritize your satisfaction and operate on the principles of quality and professionalism. Our team strives to meet your needs professionally, effectively, and affordably. To do so, we offer cost-effective solutions to the problems you are experiencing. In addition, we guarantee the project will come in on time and within budget.

Every electrician working for our company undergoes training to ensure they can handle outdoor lighting projects. We require background checks and drug tests for your safety. The technicians must act professionally, arrive on time, and bring a positive, problem-solving attitude.

Contact us today at 704-804-3320. We will set up your outdoor lighting project. Our team cannot wait to see the transformation in your property once we do this work.