Emergency Electrician in Charlotte, NC


There is no telling when your electrical system will suddenly fail you. It can happen at an unexpected time, day or night. Perhaps it happens at an inconvenient time, like your oven not working when you have a dinner party planned, or your HVAC system on a hot summer’s day. Worst case scenario, you smell burning around your outlets and cease all electrical activity until you get an electrician to look at it. 

It is emergencies like this that we respond to. Ewing Electric Co. is available for your electrical emergencies. We will come out to your home if you should have any serious electrical problems that can’t wait. Give us a call, and we will respond promptly and come to your aid!

When to Call for an Emergency Electrician near You

Some electrical problems may not seem serious at first, or as a homeowner, you may not understand the urgency of the problem. Some electrical faults can wait while others must be taken care of immediately. It can be tricky to know which category your electrical fault fits into. We are here to enlighten you about serious electrical faults that require an emergency electrician.

Noises by Your Electrical Panel

Your circuit breakers are there to keep you and your family safe. It is an electrical safety feature put in place to cease the flow of current when too much power is being drawn. When your circuit breakers trip, it is a good sign – it means that your circuit breakers are working and successfully detecting potential threats. The problem is when you hear a strange buzzing or popping noise near your electrical panel. This could mean that something is preventing your circuit breaker from tripping and ceasing power. This is a problem that warrants an emergency call for electrical repairs. When you hear this strange sound near your electrical panel, call an electrician immediately. 

Burning Smell

It is unwise to ignore a burning smell anywhere in your home. This is a sign that a fire is about to start. It may smell similar to burning plastic. You might also notice scorch marks around your outlets or electrical panel. Your wires are insulated with plastic, and the burning plastic smell may mean that your wires are exposed or that your electrical system is overheating. This is a fire hazard and needs to be dealt with immediately. It is important to trip your circuit breaker and cease all electrical activity until an electrician can come to your home and assess the condition of your wires. In fact, if the smell is strong, call 911, and then an electrician after the firefighters get it under control. 

Loss of Power 

If you are the only house in the neighborhood experiencing a power loss, it means that something is wrong with your electrical system. If your power goes off for no apparent reason, be sure to call an electrician for emergency electrical troubleshooting. We understand how inconvenient it is to live without electricity in this day and age. You don’t have to live without power, especially when your home is the only one experiencing a loss of power and there is no end in sight. Don’t hesitate to call Ewing Electric Co. for emergency electrical assistance.


Serious flooding can come from a storm, heavy rainfall, or burst pipes. No matter the cause, when your house fills up with water, you and your family are at risk of electrocuting. Water is a conductor of electricity, so when it comes into contact with your electrical system, it completes the electrical circuit and allows electricity to flow through it. Since your body is made up of over 70% water, you are also a conductor. Therefore, if you are standing in the water, you will be exposed to a lot of electricity. It is incredibly important to call for an electrician as soon as you see the water. Even if the water levels aren’t high, it is still possible that water is in contact with your electrical system. Call us today for the best emergency electricians near Charlotte, NC. 

Flickering Lights

Lights flicker from time to time. There may just be a loose wire or faulty fixture. However, if your lights are flickering rapidly, there is something more serious happening in your electrical system. Rapid flickering lights can be bad for your eyes. Do not delay in calling us.

Sparking Outlets

If there are blue and yellow sparks coming from your outlets when you switch them on, you should stop using them until an electrician assesses the danger of the situation and offers a solution. This could lead to an electrical fire if left unchecked.

Do You Need Emergency Electrical Services In Charlotte, NC?

If you are experiencing any of the above electrical problems, do not hesitate to call an electrician for emergency electrical repairs. Here at Ewing Electric Co., we aim to keep our neighbors safe and sound from electrical dangers. Give us a call, and we will respond promptly!