Electrical Inspection in Charlotte, NC

If you hear strange sounds, experience foul odors, or see smoke coming from your home’s electrical parts, it’s easy to tell something is wrong in your system. However, it’s not always easy to tell what’s causing the problem. Professional electrical inspections remove the guesswork.

Noticing common electrical issues like flickering lights and reoccurring surges signals the need to call in the professionals. Electrical work is not the DIY you want to try yourself at home. Since electrical wiring can be dangerous and expensive if mishandled, it should always be managed by someone experienced in the trade who can ensure the work is completed safely.

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Electrical Inspection Services

Before our electrical repair services in Charlotte, NC begin, we start with electrical troubleshooting and offer you an electrical diagnosis. From there, we can move forward with the best electrical repair or installation services to increase the lifespan of your system.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting in Charlotte, NC, is conducted during your initial appointment. Our master technicians are experienced in technology tools and use their technical training to thoroughly detect electrical issues. Problems in your electrical system can cause a sudden rise in your monthly energy bill, making repairs or replacements essential.

During troubleshooting our electricians will ask you about any common electrical problems you’ve noticed and do a deep dive into your system to understand where its issues originate. Once we locate the source of the problem, we will share our findings with you.

Electrical Diagnosis

After our experienced electricians conduct troubleshooting services, we will offer a detailed diagnosis of any faulty components in your electrical system. We don’t like making our customers wait for answers and solutions, so some of our services, related to your electrical diagnosis in Charlotte, NC, will also happen during your initial appointment. 

At this point, our technicians will fix any minor issues in your system, like reconnecting loose components and changing out broken circuits or fuses. However, if there are major malfunctions that require total home rewiring or changes to adhere to the electrical code, we will provide a potential timeline and discuss financing options for these repairs or replacements.

Electrical Repair

After everyone is on the same page about your electrical diagnosis and potential pricing, we will then work on your upgrades. Our electrical repair services in Charlotte, NC include options like fixing components of your electrical panel, addressing incorrect or inadequate wiring and outlets, checking ceiling fans for air circulation and replacing faulty bulbs in your lighting fixtures.

The electrical services we offer aim to increase the functionality and efficiency of your electrical system. When parts break down, they may not shut off your power completely. However, if your system isn’t maintained properly and regularly, those small part mishaps can turn into major problems. It’s best to get your electrical repairs done early to keep your electrical costs low.

Electrical Installation

When it comes to electrical installation in Charlotte, NC, we offer everything from small fixtures and outlets to major electrical panel replacements. Whether you have a small issue or an extensive electrical problem, our electricians will make safe changes to your system.

While electrical panels provide power to your entire home, their efficiency comes with a long but limited lifespan. After about 20 years, you will likely need a new model. Water and electrical parts don’t mix. If you notice signs of rust or corrosion on or in your panel, you should call an electrician immediately because if it’s not replaced promptly, it can cause a fire in your home.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Electrical services aren’t always reduced to panel problems and faulty wiring. Our electrical services also work to keep your home safe and secure. We can fix your meter base after a storm, install exhaust fans to better vent your home from harmful smoke or odors, and incorporate a back-up generator into your electrical system, to protect it from power outages.

In addition, we offer home security systems that incorporate cameras and motion sensors; surge protection devices that redirect stray voltage, like a lightning strike, away from your home; smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that offer peace of mind; and solar sensors that use the sun to recharge and light your outdoor area in the dark.

Choose Ewing Electric Co. For Electrical Inspection Services

Serving the “Tar Heel State” since 2015, Ewing Electric Co. was founded on the principle of customer satisfaction. Our electrical inspection services in Charlotte, NC. are unmatched, giving you straightforward solutions for your electrical issues. Our expert electrician team undergoes extensive training, background checks and drug-testing prior to employment.

We specialize in residential electrical troubleshooting because we know electrical repair services keep families and homes in our community safe from shocks and fires. We offer reliability and security for your electrical investment and satisfaction, providing full licensing and insurance. Exemplifying good customer service, our electricians are both friendly and helpful.

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