Can I Do My Own Electrical Work In North Carolina?

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Some of us just love DIY projects. If something goes wrong in our home, we have a toolbox on standby just for these moments. Whether it’s a squeaking door or creaking floorboard, DIY experts are ready for it. However, is there a limit to what you can do yourself?

When it comes to your electrical system, there should be a limit. Some things require expert knowledge, especially when lives are at stake. This is true for electrical work. Electricity is extremely dangerous, especially if you do not know what you are doing. It can be unpredictable and complicated. It is wise to hire a professional electrician when you need electrical installations and repairs. 

Why Can’t I Do My Own Electrical Work in North Carolina?

There are several reasons to get on the phone and call an expert electrician. Besides the obvious reason for it being unsafe, there are also financial and legal consequences. Here are a few reasons to stay away from DIY electrical work:

Electrical Shock

The obvious reason is also the most important. Electrical shocks are one of the leading causes of on-the-job fatalities for construction workers, and they actually have the necessary training. How much more dangerous is it for those who are unskilled? Working on your own electrical system can prove fatal for you and anyone helping you. Stay on the safe side, and trust a professional.

Property Damage

If you don’t suffer from an electrical shock, you will suffer the financial consequences of handling your own electrical work. Often, DIY electrical work leads to severe damage to your property. This damage usually costs more than hiring a professional electrical contractor. You may even damage your appliances and devices in the process. You can melt wires behind your walls if you don’t know what you are doing. Qualified electricians know what parts and materials to use so your property and appliances can be safe.

Electrical Fires

Did you know that one of the most common results of poor electrical work is fire? If you install the wrong-sized wiring, you can melt the wires, and this can cause a spark that will lead to a fire. Most home fires are caused by electrical devices and appliances. It is not worth risking the safety of your family and appliances. Call on a skilled electrician to handle your electrical wiring and rewiring.

Nullifying Insurance Agreement

If your home is insured, there are likely rules stating that an unlicensed electrician cannot work on your electrical system. If the cause of a fire is a DIY electrical job, your insurance is unlikely to pay for the damages. 

Decreases the Value of Your Property

If your home is on the market, a potential buyer will probably schedule an electrical inspection. If poor electrical work is detected, the buyer can ask you to drop the selling price. Don’t wait for this nasty surprise when you sell your home. Schedule an electrical inspection with a skilled electrician and have them repair any safety violations. 

Future Electrical Problems

If you take on the job of installing or repairing your own electrical system, you will likely experience problems in the not-too-distant future. If you hire a qualified electrician, the work will last longer and perform better. In addition, if you cause your home to be unsafe, it could impose a risk on the next people that live in your home. This is unpleasant to live with. Eliminate the risk by leaving the electrics to a pro.

It Is Illegal 

Each state has different laws regarding electrical work. In North Carolina, you may only do your own electrical wiring at your own risk. In other words, if you own the home and live in it, and don’t plan to rent it out or sell it within one year, you can rewire your own electrical system. All other installations, changes, and modifications to wiring systems are subject to permitting and inspections. So you can do your own electrical wiring, but should you? That is the question. You do this at your own risk and the risk of your family. 

Reliable Electrical Work in North Carolina

Instead of sitting with these serious issues, contact Ewing Electric Co. We have a team of licensed and certified electricians that are eager to handle your electrical repairs and installations, so you don’t have to. We support DIY projects unless it poses a threat to those in the home. Be safe, and call us to take care of your electrical work!